The history of fireplaces is long and storied, dating back to medieval times. Over the years, they evolved from massive constructions with large hearths for safe, extended burning into lighter, more delicate structures that serve not only a practical purpose but also as an elegant home ornament. The unique warmth associated with a friendly hearth has continued to make fireplace-equipped interiors popular to this day.

Compared to their predecessors, modern fireplaces are both safe and user-friendly. You no longer need to gather wood, struggle to ignite a fire, or manage the flame. Cleaning is a breeze because there’s no soot to contend with. Gas fireplaces, in particular, epitomize modernity and eco-friendliness. AKOS offers modern gas fireplaces that combine design with classic functionality.

Akos fireplaces have been designed as a minimalistic product line.

Akos fireplaces have been designed by the best engineers in the field. Akos fireplace have been patented as a high-efficiency gas fireplace by the inventor, Albert Sason, who has an experience of 25 years of designing, building, and creating fireplaces.

To Your commercial disposal is Piotr Koper, who has 25 years of experience in the fireplace industry in Poland and on the global market.


Akos fireplaces

The energy rating of the Akos Fireplaces is Type A, meaning that they can be used as a heating element with a nice and decorative flame effect, or as a decorative fireplaces by using one of two burner steps.

The current and continuous production of the wide range of models offered by Akos will satisfy the most demanding customers.

The warranty of the Akos burner is 10 years for all types of approved gas by the European Standards Institute.

Akos fireplaces can be supplied as sheet metal surrounding inside the burner chamber or with a black and reflective Robax glass, in order to create a reflective background for the fire, according to the requests of the customer.


Modern Gas Fireplaces – Tailored Solutions

At AKOS, we tailor our gas fireplace to meet our customers’ needs. Our products excel in any setting, whether in a single-family home or an apartment building. We ensure that this unique home decoration is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The modern design we specialize in is precisely what your interiors and your soul need for a relaxing experience by the fireplace.

Gas Fireplaces – Warsaw and Legionowo

You can view our fireplaces at our location in Legionowo, near Warsaw. We deliver gas fireplaces throughout Poland, so we welcome you to get in touch. Interior decorators and office owners looking to add a touch of homey warmth to their spaces are also encouraged to visit. Fireplaces are functional decorations that everyone will love.


Akos fireplaces were designed with a possibility of being a wall-hanging insert fire or for installation on legs. Both options are possible for installation.

Akos fireplaces can be used by the following decoration on top of the burner: Log set, small pebbles, big pebbles, and basalt stone.

Each Akos fireplace has a high-end remote control unit with option to supply with wi-fi application.


Discover our wide selection of modern gas fireplaces, including panoramic, corner, and two-sided models. With AKOS, turn your living space into a haven of warmth and style.